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Twenty-five nursery school children sat on the floor around their teacher, who is explaining how much fun it’ll be to volunteer for the nursery school’s New Year spectacular show. James Taku Leung, known to everyone as Jimmy, stood up and volunteered. The class erupted in laughter. Jimmy looked around the classroom and realized that he was the only person who volunteered. As the class continued making fun of him, Jimmy stood his ground. A few weeks later, Jimmy performed in front of a live audience of parents and friends. That was Jimmy’s first memory as an actor.

Brought up by struggling immigrants, James was discouraged from pursuing the arts. It was instilled in his mind that accounting, engineering, or any field in technology is the proper way to go. He jumped on the entertainment wagon anyway. Jimmy is now enjoying his Hollywood journey.

Jimmy was raised in New York City and has a Bachelors of Art in film studies from Columbia University. He speaks fluent Cantonese Chinese and Japanese. He is also a former sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He considers his years in the Marines as the best acting school he has ever attended.

Recently, Jimmy has appeared in such TV series as MAGNUM PI and SEAL Team. His talent can also be experienced through the form of different voices over such films as Abominable and Midway or the recent fan favorite video game Red Dead Redemption II.

Currently, Jimmy is developing a feature film about female sumo wrestlers, inspired by his wife who wrestled at 5'5" and 110lbs. Jimmy is himself, a sumo referee, and sumo show host who has conducted sumo wrestling shows all throughout the USA.

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